Our Team

PADI Assistant Instructors


Yang Ding - a friendly PADI Assistant Instructor who jumps at the opportunity to help new divers master difficult skills and lead tours at Qatar’s various dive sites. He enjoys underwater photography and capturing colorful aquatic life, such as clownfish, nudibranchs and coral. Since becoming an Emergency First Response Instructor, one of Yang’s favorite things to do is teach first aid skills in the Emergency First Response course. Always cheerful and outgoing, he enjoys sharing his diving experiences with others and participating in environmental awareness activities.

PADI Divemasters


Bilal Elderwy - an enthusiastic PADI Divemaster who especially loves exploring new dive sites and going on boat dives. It is obvious he enjoys helping other divers by his willingness to provide them with the information they seek, or find answers for them if it is something he is unsure about. Bilal is an environmentally conscious diver and participates in beach and underwater cleaning activities whenever he can. His friendly attitude and great passion for diving always makes the day more enjoyable when he’s around.

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