Diving Courses

All of our courses are PADI courses and are conducted by using the dedicated PADI diver level materials for each course and program, as well as the PADI Instructor Manual, PADI’s Guide to Teaching and the related instructor guides. The PADI materials which you use during your PADI course are yours to keep for reference after you have been certified. Most PADI materials are available in a number of different languages. If there is a specific language you would like to request your  PADI materials to be in, then please let us know when registering for your course.

For individuals who have completed an experience program, a certificate of completion is provided. For all individuals who have completed a full diving-level course, a temporary international diving certification is provided on completion, with a permanent card provided approximately 30-45 days after certification. 

Our courses range from experience programs and beginner courses to continuing education and professional levels, so there is something for everyone. And of course, kids are able to participate in some diving activities from 8 years old! Please see our dedicated course pages for more details on course prerequisites, structuring and required materials.

Some of our courses are also available through the PADI eLearning system. For more details on what PADI eLearning is, which courses are available or how to register, please click here.


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