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The PADI Touch System was devised to make registering in and completing scuba diving courses easier, especially when time is limited, such as during vacations or travel. When you register in a Touch course, you will study through the knowledge development part of the course by reading and watching videos, reviewing information and completing quizzes and exams provided digitally, through a tablet-based application. When you register, you create and pay for an account which gives you access to all the materials required for your course.


The Touch course allows you to access the manual, videos and other related content while offline. This allows you the flexibility and convenience of being able to work at your own pace, anytime - anywhere! (Please note: you will, however, need an internet connection to complete quizzes and to submit Knowledge Reviews.) Once you have completed the Touch portion of your course, you will print out a record sheet to bring to your instructor and will be required to complete a quick quiz.


The way that the PADI Touch system works requires that each individual register in their own account. Accounts may not be shared between more than one person. You will have a period of 12 months from the completion of your Touch course for you to register for and begin your practical training with your instructor.


Courses currently available to be taken through PADI's Touch system are:
Open Water


If you would like to register for a PADI Touch course, you may do so here.


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