Underwater Navigator

The PADI Underwater Navigator specialty course is a particularly valuable scuba diving course which develops your ability to find your way underwater by using both a compass and natural means to navigate.


In order to enroll in the PADI Underwater Navigator course, you need to be at least 15 years old and a certified PADI Open Water Diver (or equivalent).

Course Structure

During your Underwater Navigator specialty course, you will learn how to navigate various courses using compass headings, fin kick cycles to measure distance, and your natural surroundings. Your instructor will discuss how to correctly use a compass, and the techniques for changing headings while underwater. During your open water dives, you will practice using these varying techniques to navigate a number of different headings and courses.

Once you have you completed the Underwater Navigator specialty course, you will receive a temporary Underwater Navigator certification card, which you can start using right away! You will receive your permanent card about 30-45 days after you have been certified. 

Required Equipment

You will be required to have your own mask, fins, snorkel, and compass for the duration of the course. We would also recommend that you have a suitable exposure suit – a wetsuit during the winter months to protect your body from the cold and a lycra, or skin suit for the summer months to protect your body from jellyfish stings and scrapes.

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